Sunday, August 26, 2018

What I did for the week ending 2018/08/24

The highlights for this week have been a few videos from the free-to-view PASS Summit 2016 archive, available at

Managing SaaS Application Databases with Elastic Jobs: SQL Agent and More for Azure SQL Database, presented by Deborah Dove

  • Essentially, "Elastic Jobs" is SQL Agent for Azure SQL. She also talks about "Elastic Query", which allows you to run queries on all of your databases, or a specific subset of them.

Azure Data Services: Spotlight on Azure SQL Database, presented by Debora Dove

  • I think that this is a good introduction to Azure SQL and it covers Elastic Pools. I'm sure that I learned a few things. One thing that bothers ms is the low query/minute ceilings for the various offerings.

Design Patterns for SaaS Applications with Azure SQL Database, presented by Bill Gibson
  • If you are going multi-tenant, sharding and employing Elastic Pools seems to be the only sane choice.
  • "Most of our customers are compute-bound, not storage-bound."
  • There are various clever things you can do with pools and tagging.

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