Thursday, March 22, 2012

Keep up with the features of your SAAS web sites

Every so often, I find that a web site that I've casually used over the years has added features that I never learned about. This seems to happen with more and more frequency. Either I'm involved with too much stuff or I'm just slowing down. Usually, it's LibraryThing or StackExchange. This time, it's LinkedIn

I have mixed feelings about LinkedIn. It's fine for what it is, but I find that I am getting more and more email that seems less and less focused on what I am interested in. I only scan the dozen or so LinkedIn emails that I've signed up for, one way or another, looking for contracting positions in the Philadelphia area or perhaps something remote that would let me work out of my home office.

Prompted by this article, I reviewed my profile a bit, sharpened up some of my wording, added a few keywords to the "Skills" area, created a few saved jobs searches and I'm trying out a service that should update my LinkedIn feed when I post blog entries. I should see how that works out shortly, dear readers/guinea pigs...

In short, I'd recommend that you spend 10 or 15 minutes looking around that web site that you use all the time, but don't pay much attention to. You could read the FAQ section, or bone up on the syntax of their query language. Perhaps you can find a way to let that old site heip you a little bit more than it has been.

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