Saturday, February 24, 2018

What I did for the week ending 2018/02/23

In no particular order, here are the learning opportunities I took advantage of in the last week:

  • I listened to ReverseDSC with Nik Charlebois on RunAs Radio. 
  • Opinion: The unspoken truth about managing geeks by Jeff Ello. I read this once a year and I recommend it to anyone who interacts with IT people.
  • I watched the "Implementing a Data Warehouse" by "Free Training on YouTube. 
    • I am reviewing what I need to know for the 70-463 exam. I took the 70-461 and 70-462 exams ages ago, then got busy and never got around to taking the 70-463 exam. 
    • The videos are a little dated, since they are from the SQL Server 2012 era. The same firm has videos for 70-462.
    • There are also old videos for 70-463 at the Microsoft Virtual Academy (MVA) site. I've watched those before, and I should probably sit through them one more time.
    • Why am I reviewing? I never feel "comfortable enough" with SSIS, even though my experience goes back 18 years to DTS, because I use SSIS so sporadically.
  • I started a Pester class at MVA. Apparently, reviewing for 70-463 doesn't keep me busy enough :-/. More seriously, I think Pester is really great and one of the cleverest things that's come out of PowerShell (which I also think is really great). I want to exploit Pester as much as I can, as a DevOps "thing".

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