Friday, January 26, 2018

What I did for the week ending 2018/01/26

What useful things did I do last week?

  • I caught up with Kalen Delaney's Weekly Webinar, up to and including Episode 11. These cover a variety of technical details on how SQL Server stores data and are probably too gory for newbs. I have been working on these talks for several months, on and off. Much of the material is familiar to me, but it's easy to forget details here and there. I did learn more about the implantation details of row vs. page compression.
  • I watched Advanced PowerShell Module Development with Visual Studio Code with David Wilson, again. I've never gotten PowerShell debugging in VSCode to behave properly and this will motivate me to take another swing at it.
  • I watched "What’s New for Business Analytics in Excel 2016", with Eli Schwartz. I can't find a Twitter handle or a blog URL for Eli.

I did start another two or three talks but gave up 15 or 20 minutes in because they weren't really what I was looking for or expecting.

I've also got a project going to "Pester all the scripts", so to speak. This helps me grow my Pester and VSCode skills.

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